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  • Aurora is 132 feet long and 16.5 feet wide. It carries a maximum of 8 passengers and min. 4 crew members.
  • There are 4 twin/double-cabins on board. All suites are outside facing and have en-suite bathrooms with a shower, double vanity with an illuminated mirror, magnifying mirror and bathroom heater, towel rail heater.
  • Rooms are fully heated / air-conditioned with individual remote thermostat control. A hair dryer and a selection of luxury toiletries are provided in each Suite. Storage space in each cabin includes a bureau, chest of drawers and a large closet wardrobe. Every suite has a TV screen with Netflix available.
  • The main salon has a LCD tv and Mac desk top for client use. iPod, iPad & iPhone docks are also available. So you can bring your own music selection if you choose and Bluetooth them to the Bose surround sound system.
  • The dining areas seat 8 people at both our round tables.

There are 8 bicycles (18-speed) available for passenger use; suitable biking paths are available during all days all over Holland (bicycle helmets carried on board) and on most days while in France.

  • The cost of your cruise includes transfers to and from the vessel, all meals on board, scheduled sightseeing excursions and all alcoholic and other beverages.
  • You will find it difficult to exchange US$100 bills OR 100€ notes in banks and currency exchanges in towns along the cruise route. Traveler’s Checks are NOT negotiable in any European Banks or Shops.
  • The cruise price does include airport arrival or departure transfers, local gratuities and local guides.

Cruise routes are subject to change without notice.

Some waterways may be subject to occasional closures due to drought, storms, floods, canal or lock repairs, or other unforeseen circumstances that make navigation unsafe or impossible. In the unlikely event of such an occurrence, the following conditions may apply:

  • If navigation must be suspended, passengers will continue to be accommodated on the stationary vessel and the regular excursions will continue to be made, with cruising to be continued as soon as possible;
  • Or we reserve the right to reverse the cruise route, cruise on another waterway
  • Or transfer passengers to another vessel of similar standard.
  • The Captain’s judgment on any action or in action is considered final.

Prices, Payment Terms and Conditions

(a) Terms for individual and charter bookings are: 25% of cruise price shall be due at the time of booking with balance due 120 days prior to departure.

(b) Cancellation charges assessed are as follows:
Terms for individual bookings and charter bookings are: deposits are non-refundable but may be applied to individual bookings on the charter date. Once initial deposit or final balance are made for the charter then these payments cannot be refunded unless the charter is resold. If a cancelled charter is resold, payments made on the charter up until cancellation will be refunded at the rate the charter is resold, which may be equal or less than the original cost of the charter.

(c) We recommend to all clients that they arrange suitable insurance coverage for injury, illness, loss of effects and holiday cancellation.

d) In any decision related to navigation, the judgment of the Vessel’s Captain on any action or inaction is considered final.

Anything previously stated to the contrary notwithstanding, if one or more cancellations arise out of a material act of terrorism either in the United States or the country in which the Vessel is operating that has occurred prior to the beginning of or Force Majeure.

During the cruise, a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning or Public Announcement indicating a terrorist threat for a country in which the Vessel is operating, a Severe Condition (Code Red) issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, or other force majeure (such as civil strife, major political upheaval, major trade union activity, nuclear disaster or major natural disaster seriously.

“Thank you for those people who make us happy for they are the gardeners of our souls! Thank you so very much for creating the ambience and barging our family through one of the most amazing weeks. We loved the food and the wine, the wonderful attention you gave us!”

- Lawrence Rockefeller, Rockefeller Centre, New York, USA -

“There is no water on the Moon! Canals on Mars are a hoax! Nothing can compare with a barge trip – a great relaxing trip with neat friends from Los Angeles. Thanks ever so much!”

- Buzz Aldrin, APOLLO XI

“Beautiful ship… Great to meet you! Sorry you were unable to come to the set!”

- Robert de Niro, USA -
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