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Luxury Dutch Barge for Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey with Cruise Ship Aurora, a luxurious Dutch barge promising an unparalleled experience of grace, class, and elegance. This article delves into the unique features, enchanting routes, and the all-inclusive, ultra-deluxe cruise that awaits those seeking the epitome of luxury.

The Perfect European Barging Experience

Why choose barge cruises in Europe? Especially, why in the Netherlands? Holland, with its super relaxed atmosphere and friendly locals, welcomes you to a land where everyone speaks English, ensuring a worry-free experience. As you cruise through picturesque landscapes adorned with windmills and canals, you’ll discover the hidden gems beyond the clichés of cheese and flowers. From events and festivals to customized cycling tours, Holland offers a diverse and delightful escape, making it the ideal European destination for family and friends.

The Best Luxury Barge Cruises in Europe

Aurora elevates your European barging journey with the grace of a classical yacht. Immerse yourself in a world of luxury, surrounded by stylish furniture, exclusive linens, and exquisite amenities. From a customized sunken jacuzzi to a covered terrace with a granite table, Aurora ensures a sensory experience like no other. The private cruise charter boasts a full-width lounge door, disappearing to reveal privileged views, and a roof deck perfect for enjoying the scenery. The spacious guest suites are designed for maximum comfort, offering king-size beds, Merinos Slumberland mattresses, and a range of luxurious amenities.

The route for a Luxury Dutch Barge Cruise

Your journey begins in Schiedam, a town with six working windmills and a rich gin-making heritage. Cruise through Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden, Haarlem, Zaanse Schans, and Alkmaar, each destination weaving a tapestry of history, art, and culture. Explore Delft’s porcelain factories, Leiden’s historical charm, and Haarlem’s museums. Witness the vivid impression of Dutch life in Zaanse Schans and end your adventure in Alkmaar, the City of Cheese.

The Highlights of the Route

Barging on Cruise Ship Aurora’s meticulously curated route is an odyssey through the heart of Europe’s treasures, where every destination unfolds as a vibrant tapestry of history, culture, and natural splendor. The journey commences in Schiedam, a town adorned with six towering traditional windmills and a chocolate art factory. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Dutch gin at the Nolet distillery, an experience awaiting connoisseurs. Rotterdam’s skyline and the iconic Euromast provide a breathtaking backdrop as you cruise toward Delft, a 16th-century town famed for its world-renowned Delft Blue porcelain.

The voyage continues to Leiden, where the echoes of Rembrandt’s birthplace resonate through historic streets. Keukenhof Gardens beckon, offering an explosion of color with millions of tulips—a spectacle capturing the essence of spring. Journeying to Haarlem, the city unfolds its 13th-century charm with landmarks like St. Bavo’s Cathedral and the oldest museum in the Netherlands, Teylers Museum. Zaandam and Zaanse Schans reveal a living museum of Dutch life, complete with windmills, cheese farms, and traditional wooden houses.

Alkmaar, the City of Cheese, culminates the expedition, with its historic weigh house and a journey back in time through charming canals. Each destination leaves an indelible mark as the river cruise concludes, blending history and natural beauty into an unforgettable European sojourn aboard Cruise Ship Aurora.

cruiseship aurora in the dutch waterways

What is the Best Time for a Luxury Dutch Barge Cruise?

Spring and summer emerge as the prime seasons for the enchanting luxury Dutch barge cruises, transforming your voyage into a sensory masterpiece. Picture yourself on the open deck of Cruise Ship Aurora, bathed in the gentle warmth of the sun, as the vibrant hues of blooming flowers reflect off the tranquil waters. Navigating through the canals becomes a symphony of colors and fragrances, a harmonious dance with nature. The spring breeze carries the sweet scent of blossoms, creating an immersive experience as you leisurely glide through historic towns and picturesque landscapes.

As the days lengthen and temperatures rise, the beauty of the Dutch countryside unfolds, offering a canvas of green meadows, lively towns, and historical landmarks. It’s a time when the sun-drenched panoramas complement the luxury of your Dutch barge trip, elevating every moment into a memory etched in the warm embrace of a Dutch spring or summer. This is more than a cruise; it’s an invitation to embrace the seasons and savor the magic woven into the very fabric of the journey.

The Costs for a Luxury Dutch Barge Cruise

Indulge in an all-inclusive, ultra-deluxe cruise aboard Aurora. This trip of a lifetime promises a luxurious barging experience with divine meals, fine wines, chauffeured transportation, and daily excursions. Unwind in spacious double suites equipped with top-tier amenities. The cruise rates for the 2024 season, available on double occupancy or as a whole barge charter, ensure a personalized and unforgettable journey.

Plan your escape with Cruise Ship Aurora, where luxury meets discovery, promising an enchanting voyage through the heart of Europe’s waterways.

“Thank you for those people who make us happy for they are the gardeners of our souls! Thank you so very much for creating the ambience and barging our family through one of the most amazing weeks. We loved the food and the wine, the wonderful attention you gave us!”

- Lawrence Rockefeller, Rockefeller Centre, New York, USA -

“There is no water on the Moon! Canals on Mars are a hoax! Nothing can compare with a barge trip – a great relaxing trip with neat friends from Los Angeles. Thanks ever so much!”

- Buzz Aldrin, APOLLO XI

“Beautiful ship… Great to meet you! Sorry you were unable to come to the set!”

- Robert de Niro, USA -
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