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Private cruise charter in The Netherlands

Step into a realm of exclusive indulgence with Cruise Ship Aurora, your gateway to unparalleled luxury through private cruise charters in The Netherlands. Delight in tailor-made experiences that redefine sophistication on our opulent vessels, immersing you in the tranquil beauty of Dutch waterways and picturesque landscapes.


Surrender to the epitome of relaxation on our luxury vessels, as you explore the charm of Dutch waterways with Cruise Ship Aurora. Your key to the ultimate private cruise charter experience in The Netherlands awaits—an enticing blend of luxury, professional service, and the allure of a private river cruise through Europe.

What is a private cruise charter in The Netherlands?

Experience the epitome of luxury with a private cruise charter in The Netherlands aboard Cruise Ship Aurora. This exclusive journey promises a seamless blend of opulence and exploration as you traverse the enchanting waterways of Holland. Tailored to your every desire, our personalized approach ensures unparalleled privacy and exclusivity, transforming each moment into a celebration of tranquility and sophistication.

Imagine a voyage where you and your guests are the sole occupants of our exquisite cruise ship, navigating the picturesque landscapes of The Netherlands at your own pace. This is more than a journey; it’s an immersive escape into a world crafted just for you. With tailor-made itineraries and first-class service, every detail is meticulously designed to elevate your experience, creating memories that linger long after the river cruise ends.

Cruise Ship Aurora invites you to embrace the extraordinary – a private charter cruise that transcends expectations, delivering an unforgettable blend of personalized luxury and Dutch scenic wonders. Immerse yourself in a journey where indulgence knows no bounds, and each moment is a testament to the art of curated elegance. Your private charter adventure awaits, promising an escape like no other on the enchanting waterways of The Netherlands.

The benefits of a private cruise charter in The Netherlands

Opting for a private cruise charter with Cruise Ship Aurora means crafting your unique journey. Enjoy the freedom to shape your itinerary, surrounded by the elegance of a classical yacht. Experience exclusivity with your select group, as our attentive crew ensures impeccable service. Sail through Dutch landscapes, savor exquisite cuisine on your private deck, and relish a journey tailored to your preferences. Choose Cruise Ship Aurora for a personalized escape, where every benefit is a testament to luxury and customization.

After the visit to Alkmaar, the tulip time cruise comes to an end. We will say goodbye to each other, and you will be dropped off at your hotel, the airport, or another place.

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What is the Best Route for a Private cruise charter in The Netherlands?

Unveiling the best route for your private cruise ship charter in The Netherlands is a journey through a canvas of breathtaking landscapes and cultural treasures. Cruise Ship Aurora beckons you to explore our meticulously curated route, unveiling the charm of Dutch wonders, from the iconic windmills of Schiedam to the historical allure of Leiden and the enchanting canals of Haarlem.

Choosing the optimal route for your private charter cruise is pivotal for an unforgettable experience. Cruise Ship Aurora meanders through the most captivating waterways, offering routes that epitomize the essence of Dutch luxury barging cruises. Traverse from iconic cities to hidden gems, as our thoughtfully designed routes immerse you in the rich tapestry of Dutch culture and showcase the awe-inspiring scenery of The Netherlands.

Join us on a private cruise charter where every turn in the water reveals a new chapter of beauty and cultural richness. Cruise Ship Aurora invites you to embark on a personalized journey, where the route is not just a path, but a narrative woven with the threads of luxury, culture, and the unparalleled allure of Dutch landscapes.

The route of Cruise Ship Aurora as a private cruise charter

Experience Dutch splendor on a private cruise charter with Cruise Ship Aurora. Our carefully planned route explores tranquil waters, visiting iconic destinations like Rotterdam, Delft, and Zaanse Schans, each a blend of history and natural beauty. Customize your journey with optional visits to museums and landmarks for a personalized adventure. Cruise Ship Aurora guides you through charming canals and historic landmarks, whether you crave vibrant cityscapes or serene countryside. Let our experienced crew create a seamless voyage through the heart of Dutch culture, ensuring your private cruise is a collection of unforgettable moments.

What are the costs of a private cruise charter in The Netherlands?

Entering into a private cruise charter with Cruise Ship Aurora ensures an immersive experience in all-inclusive luxury. The comprehensive costs cover a lavish 6 nights/7 days in a double suite, divine culinary indulgences, fine wines, chauffeured transportation, daily excursions, and access to onboard facilities. Transparent pricing, tailored to your preferences, underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional value.

Navigating Dutch waterways becomes a journey of opulent comfort, where the private cruise charter not only includes essential amenities but also provides the opportunity to customize your experience. Choose from a range of optional activities and excursions to craft a bespoke voyage perfectly aligned with your preferences. Cruise Ship Aurora invites you to invest in a dream getaway, where every cost opens the door to unparalleled service, comfort, and indelible memories.

The costs of Cruise Ship Aurora

Delve into the pinnacle of Dutch luxury and hospitality with the private charter cruise rates offered by Cruise Ship Aurora for the 2024 season. These meticulously designed rates ensure an elite, all-inclusive experience, providing options for individual cabin bookings or chartering the entire barge for an exclusive retreat.

In Euros, our rates exemplify transparency and flexibility, offering accommodations in luxurious suites or the option for a whole barge charter. The suite accommodation is priced at 7,125€ per person on double occupancy, with a single supplement available at 3,500€. Opt for the whole barge charter with rates ranging from 50,000€ for 6 passengers to 57,000€ for a maximum of 8 passengers.

Departing on a weekly basis from March 24 to October 26, 2024, our cruises explore the scenic wonders of Holland. Cruise Ship Aurora sets sail every Sunday, concluding the journey each Saturday. Note that we require a minimum of 3 cabins, available either as individual bookings or on a charter basis.

At Cruise Ship Aurora, our commitment to transparency and flexibility extends beyond rates. Our all-inclusive packages cover accommodations, gourmet dining, and personalized service. Contact us to tailor a package that aligns with your desires and experience the epitome of luxury on a private cruise ship charter in The Netherlands. Craft your European barge journey to perfection and secure your reservation today for an unparalleled exploration of Dutch waterways.

“Thank you for those people who make us happy for they are the gardeners of our souls! Thank you so very much for creating the ambience and barging our family through one of the most amazing weeks. We loved the food and the wine, the wonderful attention you gave us!”

- Lawrence Rockefeller, Rockefeller Centre, New York, USA -

“There is no water on the Moon! Canals on Mars are a hoax! Nothing can compare with a barge trip – a great relaxing trip with neat friends from Los Angeles. Thanks ever so much!”

- Buzz Aldrin, APOLLO XI

“Beautiful ship… Great to meet you! Sorry you were unable to come to the set!”

- Robert de Niro, USA -
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