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River cruise Netherlands on Cruiseship Aurora

Take an unforgettable river cruise through the Netherlands with Cruiseship Aurora. The river cruise offers you the best experience which brings you to the best highlights of The Netherlands. Relax completely on a 7-day cruise with all the luxuries on board to fully unwind. Meanwhile, discover the land of tulips and windmills, with the best tour guides to tell you all about the Netherlands.

What is a river cruise in the Netherlands?

A river cruise in the Netherlands is the way to explore the country in a relaxed and scenic way. During such a 7-day river cruise, you sail along the various waterways that pass through the Netherlands. The cruise route includes several highlights, from big cities to small, charming villages in the beautiful Dutch countryside.

On board of the cruise ship, passengers enjoy a comfortable accommodation, the finest cuisine, and a relaxed atmosphere. A river cruise through The Netherlands often offers scenic shore excursions, where travelers have the chance to explore historical sights, experience local culture, and admire the famous Dutch tulip fields.

A cruise with Aurora is not only a journey along scenic waterways, but also a cultural experience that highlights the country’s rich history, architecture, and natural beauty. It is an ideal way to discover the diversity of the Netherlands, from bustling cities to quiet villages, all from the comfort of a luxury dutch barge.

The river cruise of Cruiseship Aurora

Aurora’s 7-day river cruise immerses you in complete luxury, allowing you to explore the Netherlands without any concerns and everything is taken care of for you down to the last detail. The cruise will take you past various sights and Aurora’s guides will make sure you learn all about the various cities, small villages, and other cultural aspects of the Netherlands.

What is the river cruise route of Cruiseship Aurora?

The route of Cruiseship Aurora’s river cruise takes you past several beautiful places in the Netherlands. With the highlight being the stop at the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens.

The itinerary starts in Schiedam. The itinerary starts in Schiedam. Where you can see the world’s largest windmills, an amazing experience. The city is also famous because of the Jenever (typical Dutch gin).

From here, where the ship takes you to Delft to visit the typical tableware factory. From Delft, the route will continue to beautiful Leiden. The city with the beautiful canals and the oldest university in the Netherlands. Leiden is also the city of the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens: the largest tulip garden in the world.

After the visit to Keukenhof, the trip will continue to Haarlem. Haarlem is home to the oldest museum in Holland – Teylers museum as well as Frans Hals Museum founded in 1862 with its vast collection of Old Masters. Other highlights include many great buildings such as the late Gothic masterpiece St. Bavo’s Cathedral on the main square, graced by the fact that both Handel and Mozart played the magnificent Muller organ there. After Haarlem, there will be a visit to the colorful village of Zaanse Schans. an open-air conservation area and museum, giving you a vivid impression of the Dutch way of life in the 17th and 18th centuries. This historical area consists of authentic houses and windmills, a historic shipyard, a pewter factory, a cheese and dairy farm, and an age-old grocery store dating back to the 1900‘s.

The route ends in Alkmaar. This city is also called the City of Cheese. Its weigh house was the first in the country and it is here that the weighing and trading of cheese used to take place. Near the weigh house many outdoor cafés can be found. Like Amsterdam Alkmaar houses a great many ‘hofjes’ or almshouses: typical 17th century enclosed courtyards with little houses inhabited by single women and usually supported by the church.

After the visit to Alkmaar, the tulip time cruise comes to an end. We will say goodbye to each other,  and you will be dropped off at your hotel, the airport, or another place.

The highlights of the river cruise

The Netherlands is known worldwide for its rich culture and traditions, and some of the most iconic highlights are the tulips, Delft blue, and the cheese market.

The tulips are undoubtedly one of the most colourful and distinctive symbols of the Netherlands. Every spring, vast fields transform into a sea of vibrant colours when the tulips are in bloom. The flower fields, especially in the famous Keukenhof gardens, attract thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. The tulip trade has a long history in the Netherlands and has contributed to the country’s international image as the ‘flower country’.

Delftware is another cultural highlight that reflects Dutch craft and artistry. It is a traditional type of pottery, with blue decorative patterns on a white background. The city of Delft is known for its production of this characteristic pottery since the 17th century. Delft blue is often associated with Dutch history and is a favourite souvenir for tourists and locals alike.

The cheese market is a lively spectacle that reflects Holland’s rich dairy tradition. Cheese is an integral part of Dutch cuisines, and cheese markets, such as those in Alkmaar and Gouda, offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy the authentic cheese experience. During the markets, cheeses are weighed, traded, and presented traditional, creating a fascinating spectacle for locals and tourists alike.

Tulips, Delft blue, and the cheese market are just a few examples of the many cultural treasures the Netherlands has to offer. Together, they form a colourful palette that reflects the diversity and creativity of this country.

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How can I book a river cruise?

Are you interested in a luxury river cruise through the Netherlands with Aurora? On the website, you can easily pass on all your wishes for a cruise the way you would like it, within the desired period. By filling in the contact form you can pass on all your wishes and needs to make it a wonderful cruise. Here you also specify your desired period. We will contact you to discuss the cruise and make everything ready.

The costs of a river cruise on Cruiseship Aurora

The 7-day river cruise includes all the luxury facets to make your trip unforgettable. A double suite with an en-suite bathroom, food prepared fresh every day, and a fine homely atmosphere. In addition, transport to the sights will be provided ready when you want it. Not to mention a personal guide to tell you all about the beautiful Netherlands.

It is possible to book a trip on the basis of double occupancy per cabin or as a charter for the whole ship, for 7 days. Enjoy accommodation options from suites for 7,125€ to single rooms for 3,500€. Charter the entire ship for an exclusive experience, with rates ranging from 50,000€ for 6 passengers to 57,000€ for up to 8 passengers.

Enjoy a luxury river cruise from 24 March to 26 October 2024. The trip starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Whether you are looking for an individual cabin or want to charter the entire ship, we need a minimum of 3 cabins to depart, so you can be assured of a trip as unique as you are. Your European cruise awaits you and promises a harmonious mix of indulgence and discovery.

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