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What is a luxury cruise through Europe?

A luxury cruise through Europe is the epitome of indulgence, offering a lavish journey past some of the continent’s most enchanting destinations. Unlike a normal cruise, which focuses primarily on the masses and sails past a few key destinations, a luxury cruise takes every aspect of the experience to the next level, from accommodations to onboard activities, dining, and personal service. It offers the best luxury vacation experience. Immerse yourself in the most luxurious vacation experience and discover Europe in the best way.

What is the difference between a regular cruise and a luxury cruise?

A normal cruise takes you past several destinations and this itinerary is always fixed in advance. On a normal cruise, there are also many other passengers on board the ship, so the personal touch is missing, and the cruise feels more like a tourist experience. On a luxury cruise, you can enjoy yourself with a small group and get to different places, where the big cruise ships do not go. This allows you to discover other places, which can be even more memorable.

Europe's most beautiful spots on a luxury cruise

On a small luxury cruise through European waters, passengers are treated to a selection of the continent’s most enchanting locations. The cruise takes in various spots in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Along the way, stops are made at beautiful places that not everyone visits yet are unforgettable. Each port of call offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Each place again has its charms and history, to take you completely into the background of that place. Think Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Belgium’s port city of Antwerp, small villages in France, and even the breathtaking city of Paris.

Luxury experience on board

One of the hallmarks of a luxury cruise is the exceptional culinary offerings. Several delicious meals are prepared daily. In the morning it starts with an excellent breakfast, followed by lunch, consisting of several rounds, and at the end of the day a menu is reserved, tailored to your wishes. The chef of Aurora Barge Cruises will ensure that you lack nothing during the luxury cruise. Before the luxury cruise, all wishes are requested, and based on this, different menus are prepared, which are tailored to the wishes and needs of the passengers.

Entertainment and activities

In addition to fine dining, luxury cruises also offer a wealth of entertainment and activities for every taste. Along the way on Aurora Barge Cruises’ luxury cruise, several stops are made to visit places and attractions. In addition, you can visit a local market or take a bicycle tour. The luxury barge holiday can be so arranged according to the wants and needs of how you want to plan an ideal vacation. You can also choose to relax more on board, as the cruise features a terrace and a Jacuzzi, where you can fully enjoy the surroundings. The crew of Aurora Barge Cruises will make sure that you will visit all the sights that you cannot miss when visiting Europe.

aurora jaccuzi deck outside

Luxury cruise itinerary through Europe

A luxury cruise through Europe offers an enticing array of itinerary options, each promising a journey full of discovery and adventure. Aurora Barge Cruises offers several itineraries, all of which are special in their own way.

  • Highlights of Holland
    The Highlights of Holland itinerary takes you to several places in Holland. Discover the Keukenhof Tulip Garden, the city of Leiden, and the cheese city of Holland: Alkmaar.
  • Golfing itinerary
    The Highlights of the golfing itinerary take you to different places in Holland, where you can play golf, and other beautiful places where there is culture and history.
  • Traces of war itinerary
    The route takes you past several places in the Netherlands that were important during the war. Here you will visit forts and other important war monuments. Learn more about the history of the Netherlands.
  • 3 countries itinerary
    This route takes you to the most special places in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France. Small towns are visited, but also big places like Paris and Antwerp.
  • Champagne itinerary
    Discover the most beautiful places in the Champagne region. Learn more about this special place and all the vineyards.

The cost of a luxury cruise through Europe

Although a luxury cruise has a higher price tag than its standard counterpart, the experience is worth every penny for those seeking the ultimate in pampering and sophistication. Prices vary depending on factors such as itinerary, preferences, and onboard amenities, but for discerning travelers, the investment in luxury is an investment in memories that will last a lifetime.

A luxury barge cruise is a luxury holiday experience you will never forget. Memories will be made for life.

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